Our Community Impact


Manor students complete more than 850 hours of community service annually.


Manor’s Dental Health Center provides heavily discounted dental services (cleanings and other procedures) to more than 2500 area residents annually.


Our on-campus food pantry has provided meals to more than 100 families (some of whom are NOT directly affiliated with Manor College) just in the past year.


Manor College led the successful charge to include high school curriculum on the Holodomor, the Soviet-created forced famine in Ukraine in the 1930’s, for use by Pennsylvania teachers.

More than half of Manor students are first generation college goers: 55% 3-year average of incoming freshman (Fall 2015, 16, 17).


We welcome area residents who use our library facilities free of charge


Manor’s average institutional grants is more than $3K (18% of tuition).

Manor college has a higher than average national salary after graduation.

According AICUP (2014), Manor contributes 342 jobs to the state of PA and has a total statewide economic impact of more than $20M.

Abington Police Department uses our campus as a practice facility.