mission and vision


Manor College believes that personalized education in the Judeo-Christian tradition generates a commitment to a peaceful world, which inspires confidence in the present and hope for the future. Manor’s Basilian environment enables students to fully develop as individuals and instills an understanding of scientific, humanistic, and ethical principles so students form a global vision. Manor also believes that graduation begins a new chapter of lifelong learning.


By maintaining academic excellence through current, innovative programs and encouraging students to develop a sense of inquiry, critical thinking, effective communication skills, and by providing opportunities to serve the community, Manor graduates are prepared to serve society effectively and compassionately.


Manor College visions itself as a Bachelor’s granting Catholic Basilian teaching college of distinction with a thriving robust and diverse student body; excellent academic programs that prepare our students for contemporary careers; accessibility that fosters and encourages students from all demographics to become a part of our community; a student population that is thoughtful about their future and the future of our world; faculty and staff who are dedicated to student-centeredness and community mindfulness, participating in mission-aligned local and regional organizations; and premiere in its national record for superior campus safety. Manor College subscribes to its Catholic identity, Ukrainian heritage, institutional mission, and core values.