Meet our Donor

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Eugene Luciw

What is your connection with Manor College? 

My personal, professional, and spiritual growth and development has been and is fueled by the same roots that spawned Manor College and feed it to this very day: the mission and work of the Sisters of St. Basil. The Sisters built in me a sturdy foundation of faith, education, and ethics at my parish school, St. Nicholas Ukrainian Catholic. This gave me the strength, will, resources, and confidence to enter into and successfully to conclude my studies at St. Joseph’s Prep, St. Joseph’s University, and Georgetown University Law School. I then ultimately built a 25-year career as a litigation and trial attorney onto the Sisters’ foundation. Not only the wisdom but also the ethics that they instilled in me served me invaluably during this time.


Although I was always generous with my time and other resources when it came to charitable and volunteer works, the examples that were the Sisters of St. Basil, especially those that taught me at St. Nick’s, compelled me to do more. Consequently, I altered my career to work for Providence Association, our Ukrainian Catholic fraternal benefit society, founded by the same Bishop Soter Ortynsky that had brought the Sisters of St. Basil to the United States. Both institutions proved to be invaluable resources to the Ukrainian American community and also to the commonwealth of all people in our area. My current position has given me an opportunity dramatically to increase the quantity and quality of my volunteer work in the said communities. It has also allowed me to garner all manner of assistance for my Ukraine, and for its people, especially at this time when much of its territory has again been attacked and occupied by Russia, as part of the unjust imperial war that it wages against my homeland.


What calls you to serve Manor College? 

Manor College is a beacon, a guiding light, in our Ukrainian American community. As the only Ukrainian school of higher education in America, it ably serves the mission of gathering, digesting, and disseminating the truth about Ukrainian history, culture, language, arts, and current events. It is building relationships with colleges and universities in Ukraine, from which all of the involved institutions, professors, and students will prosper. Manor College knows the strength of Ukrainian culture and traditions and is enriching itself by ambitiously developing it as an invaluable resource for its growth and development.


Moreover, Manor College is rapidly outshining its peers. Now armed with the recognition and rights of a four-year institution, Manor is on the edge of tremendous growth and achievement. I am called to serve Manor also because I know that that service will bear fruit; it is thrilling to be part of what is and will continue be a very successful venture. I simply want to be part of it, especially since so much of Manor College, being part and parcel of the Ukrainian Catholic educational system that gave me my start, is, in essence, a part of me. It is also the place where one can build the same spiritual, educational, and ethical foundation that has served me so well in life: I want students to experience the empowering strength of an education that is grounded in nourishes and individual through “Basilean roots.”   

It is the place where one can build the same spiritual, educational, and ethical foundation that has served me so well in life...