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Breakdown of 2017-2018 Annual Report

The majority of revenue is generated through tuition & fees, making up 83% of the total revenue. Auxiliary enterprises comprised of cafeteria services, residence hall, and the dental health center contribute 9% of total revenue. An area of optimistic growth resides in contributions to the college in the form of gifts and donations. Currently this area makes up only 1.2% of total revenue. Grants and federal and state appropriations contribute 3.8% to total revenue. The remainder is made up of other educational, investment, and other revenue.

The bulk of operating expenses (61%) have a direct benefit to students through instructional education, academic support, and student services. Auxiliary enterprises make up 9.3% of the total expenses, while the costs to keep the college up and running in the form of institutional support make up 28.2% of total expenses. Manor College strives to eliminate wasteful spending while continually looking for cost efficiencies. Spending priorities are consistent with short and long term goals as noted in the Strategic Plan.

The market value of the endowment is $2.87 million. The Manor College endowment plays a significant role in helping to support students through various named and unnamed scholarships. The Board of Trustees has adopted a spending policy which requires the college to use 4% of the 3 year average return on the market value of the endowment. As the endowment continues to grow, more money can go towards funding student scholarships.

2017-18 Capital Expenditures & Other Purchases

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  • Completed full renovation of UHSC museum

  • Renovated 3 classrooms with new carpeting, lighting, windows, furniture, and technology

  • Remodeled Dental Health Center bathroom

  • Installed new sound system

  • Replaced another 20% of residence hall furniture

  • New furniture for Resident Hall Lounge

  • Added new security station in Mother of Perpetual Help Hall

  • New signage and additional poles on Fox Chase Rd.

  • New road signs directing traffic to Manor College

  • New computers purchased and Wi-Fi capabilities increased

  • Purchased new Manor College carpets with new logo

  • Added storage shed for Athletics

  • Purchased new uniforms and equipment for first baseball team

  • Grotto area with picnic tables and chairs

  • Outdoor classroom

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